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London Dreams

Group of British students presents their country and hold the flag

London, a city of opportunity, as it is heard certainly allure the mass of people hankering for a stable livelihood and a quality of life. Individuals worldwide travel to london each year in search of good career, a goblin wealth, and a fantasy life which it seems in the big screen of Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movie industries across the globe. Additionally, there is another section of population, in hundreds of thousands, who in optimism of getting a proper academic degree from the world-renowned hub for education, london, travels miles and miles, flying for hours and days to arrive in the international Airport terminals of Heathrow and Gatwick. Not longer since they land in the city, alike other European nationals, they are fáilte by the long never-ending queue of immigration. What a Reception!!!

The fist step outside the airport may not be as exciting as the first step of Neil Armstrong on Moon, as you may have to make yourself strong enough for the cold breeze of Oceanic Climate. The next second, you take your second step brings you to the reality of London’s second most expensive & luxurious transport system. You can explore a numerous travel option, may it be the most expensive black cab waiting outside the airport for your convenience or book any of the less expensive online travel applications like Uber. You also have the options to ride a cheapest city bus with a short walk down the aisle and take TFL bus covering the fare it tends to increase each year. Although you may be able to save a bit, open the travel app like City Mapper, be prepared to check out the postcode you are destined to reach, follow the route, get down at the nearest bus stop with all the luggage you have and walk a fair bit of distance to finally shrug off all the tiredness from your jet flight. Lucky enough are you, had you some friends who could gather a room for you. Letting the room to stay for a couple of days are a long-gone story!!! Unfortunately, if you have not been smart enough to book a room through friend or any other person online, which of course have its one risk of being online scammed, be prepared to burn your hard cash on staggering hotel prices.

Once you are able to rent a room, the most painful story of london, at the expense of a biggest chunk out of your budget (which of course increases as the size of room increases making you a bit comfortable to stretch your legs) and travelling in sophisticated tubes, over grounds and undergrounds,  to collect your BRP , prepare yourself with the screenshots for any transit in between along underground as you may not be able to be blessed with any internet network. Be extrovert and brave enough to come out of your comfort zone and ask for help, you will be blessed to get help from the beautiful diverse group of immigrants or the warm welcoming Londoners. You can travel to city of london to get the glimpse of astonishing london Tower Bridge and London Eye. You can also travel to the Westminster Abbey, a royal church, if you are fond to see the place which is the witness of coronation to more than 40 English and British monarch and a burial of 18 of English, Scottish and British monarch. Let yourself a bit of air from the city noise and surrender yourself in the beauty of natural scenic beauty Hyde park just near the Buckingham palace, where king lives!!! You can then roam for a while and visit the places of arts, artifacts, culture, history and visit any among the handful of museums like Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum, Natural History Museum or The National Gallery. Remember to travel to Borough Market to munch your lunch, it would save you some pounds!!! You can continue with your journey to Trafalgar square and blend yourself with the lights and joys of the cities.  You can also walk across soho and China town and sneak into pubs, restaurants, and Casinos (assuming you are legal aged to do so).

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Business people tackling issues about UK

The story of london is not always the same. One of the costliest cities of london shows no mercy when it comes to your bills. In addition to your bills, university dues and the loan payment obligation back home, the scarcity of jobs may bring you to depression. Finding the job through online site is like finding a train service after 1 pm (yes they barely exist!!). Be polite and ask your seniors, friends for referral and you may be able to grab any work in hospitality sector, care homes, cleaning jobs. The office experience which you had for decades, no one cares!!! However, your experience in hospitality sector may give you an additional edge. Remember, you are restricted to work for 20 hours if you are a student and be prepared to chew the iron rice if you have come alone without your dependent. The ever-increasing inflation, rent raise, fare increment and declining job opportunity, slackening salary is going to hit you hard. The government policy of terminating dependent visa for master’s degree from January 2024 leaves you no choice but to suffer, terminate the study and go back home or bring in the money from your country. Unless, you are economically sound, the life in london is not going to be easy.

Group Of College Student Friends Meeting And Talking In Busy Communal Campus Building

It is highly advisable for you to seek information from any one already residing in london and know the actual status of london. Believing only in one source on information may cause you harm and any song of overwhelming stories sung by your consultancy or agents may be just a delusion. Let the seniors decide if the london dreams they had before landing in Heathrow or Gatwick had turned into verity or just remained a delusion.

Be wise and be smart. Good luck.

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