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Places to visit in Nepal

Nepal’s landscape is breath-taking, ranging from the untamed, powerful mountains in the north to the verdant plains and meadows in the south. In addition to its boundless natural splendour, the region is well-known for its assortment of adventurous pursuits and its significant religious curtain.

You can hike for days on end and encounter something new every day. Whether it’s drinking pink butter tea or going bungee jumping, Nepal has its own ways of making people happy. We will write about the major cities where you can explore in Nepal.


Kathmandu, the capital and most populous city of Nepal, is officially known as Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Established in the second century AD, the city is among the world’s oldest continually inhabited locations. In the foothills of the Himalayas, the valley known as the “Nepal Mandala” has long been the home of the Newar people, a diverse urban civilization.

For an extended period, Kathmandu has served as the epicenter of Nepal’s history, art, culture, and economics. The population is multiethnic, with a majority of Hindus and Buddhists. People who reside in Kathmandu devote a significant portion of their life to religious and cultural celebrations.The city, which is regarded as the entry point to the Nepal Himalayas, is home to multiple World Heritage Sites, including Bouddha, Swayambhu Mahachaitya, and Durbar Square.


Bhaktapur’s rich cultural heritage, temples, and stone, metal, and wood artwork have earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s a pleasure to stroll around the old town because it is almost entirely traffic-free. It is based on the ancient trade route to Tibet and dates back to the 12th century. It feels like you are walking into a living museum because of the preservation of the old medieval architecture and local customs. Along with handcrafted ceramics, rice drying in the sun, and other age-old crafts and customs continuing, you’ll witness grain being threshed by hand. While Kathmandu’s bustling Durbar Square is significantly busier, the main Durbar Square is much more subdued.


For hikers, Kalinchowk is well-known. The fastest route out of the city is via this. This little, high-altitude location is a winter wonderland. You can engage in both light adventure activities and interesting sightseeing at this location. However, this place is also well-known for its pilgrimage activities.


Pokhara is the ideal destination for an adventurous vacation in a place of breathtaking natural beauty. This is a serene location with lakes, a mountain backdrop, adventure sports, and much more. Are you aware that there is a Gurkha soldiers’ museum? It is also the starting point for the Annapurna ranges. If you are unfamiliar with the Annapurna ranges, let me just say that every serious hiker dreams of seeing them. Three of the world’s 10 highest mountains are located there. The trekking ultimate is the Annapurna circuit. Aside from this, Pokhara has a plethora of settlements, stupas, and temples to explore.


The little village of Nagarkot is situated in Nepal’s central area. It is well-known for having a clear view of the Himalayas and for being home to a wide variety of butterfly species. This location provides views of eight of the thirteen Himalayan ranges. Both the summer and the winter seasons allow for this. The months of October through December and March through April are the best times to see the mountains.


This is one of Nepal’s most picturesque town areas. You may appreciate traditional dwellings, Newari culture, and much more here. The people who live there have made extra efforts to protect the native way of life. Numerous beautiful historical temples and buildings can be found. The elevation of the terrain is average. As a result, winter won’t be too harsh and you’ll still be able to take in a lot of fascinating views of the surrounding mountains. Many people from all throughout the region now call the land home. As a result, Bandipur celebrates a number of festivals with great enthusiasm.


Chitwan National Park will be brought to everyone’s attention. Thankfully, it’s not the only tourist destination in the area. In addition to many other things, the location is well-known for its lakes, commercial centers, and palaces. Rich deep forests are a well-known feature of Chitwan. Keep in mind that there are plenty of leopards in the forest. Entering the jungle unaccompanied is not advised. Purchase mustard oil from here if you feel like buying. The world knows Chitwan for its mustard farming. Taste the distinctive food of Chitwan while you’re there. Goat paired with cheura and cooked in a spicy sauce is the national cuisine. Momos, Dalbhat, sukutikhaja set, and other delicacies are among the others.


This remote kingdom is found in Nepal’s Himalayan area. This is a place where people come to experience a distinctive way of life and many traditional activities. To visit Upper Mustang, a special authorization is required. But it’s well worth it (well, not in the cold). Winter visitors should use Lower Mustang. Trekkers go there in August and again in the early winter. You can take part in a lot of cultural festivals if you remain back. The Tiji Festival is the greatest of all. Wintertime in Nepal offers more than just trekking. Check out our special blog post about the Top Activities in Nepal.


Ilam is a place rich in wildlife diversity, abundance, and cultural aspects, among other things. In addition to its abundance of natural beauty, Ilam is well-known for its numerous hills, which are popular tourist spots. Top destinations in Ilam include Kanyam, Siddhi Thumka, Sadakpur, Antu Danda, and Mai Pokhari.


In the eastern Nepali province of Koshi, in the Dhankuta District, there exists a village development committee called Bhedetar. With the completion of the Dharan-Dhankuta Highway in 1982, the major settlement was established. Actually, it lies on the boundary between the districts of Dhankuta and Sunsari. Bhedetar is a growing tourism destination. The Dharan Sub-metropolis is only 16 kilometers away from this little hill station. Its weather is erratic; at one point it disappears beneath a heavy layer of fog, while at another it emerges as the pinnacle of metropolitan Dharan and the waterfall known as Namaste Jharna.


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