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How to Send money online

How to use our Online money transfer services?

Fastest and Easiest Way to Send Money

Not only do we provide the best exchange rates but also the most secure and the fastest system to send your money online to many countries. Here is a general overview of the steps you can take to send money online with IME London.

  • Register yourself with us to access all our money transfer services
  • We will verify your provided information during registration
  • You can initiate money transfers by clicking on Send money/Receive money
  • While sending money, we will ask you to fill out the receivers details
  • We offer zero service charge for sums above 300 GBP


Fastest and Easiest Way to Send Money

We believe in providing you with simplest and convenient options to Send your money. We ensure money transfer services are provided in the fastest and the safest manner possible.

How to Send money online
How to Send money online

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